XC Technique! Bookings are being taken now!

From Monday 10th November – 16th February.

Cost / Rules:

XC Technique Woodside Arena Booking Policy

  • Arena hire is £30 per horse per hour with a £10 poo picking deposit per horse per hour

  • Liveries will need to pay the £10 poo picking deposit only & may roll this forward through the season, the office will keep a list of livery deposits paid so that they will not have to pay the £10 for each booking.

  • Arena hire is available on the hour only.

  • Payment is taken on booking in advance via card over the telephone, you will need your card to hand

  • Each booking MUST HAVE someone with them to poo pick – there is NO EXCEPTION to this rule.

  • Parking is at the side of the arena on the hard standing provided.

  • There can be a maximum of 9 individual riders in at any one time. There may be 1 clinic of up to 6 horses plus 6 individual riders, or 2 clinics of up to 6 horses plus 4 individuals. If there are 3 Clinics booked simultaneously it is fully booked (The clinics will be under instruction and therefore contained)

  • Weekends will be booked up in advance and therefore busier

  • Please contact the Office on 01260 299888 to make any bookings / enquiries. Whilst we love keeping in touch via social media we may not have access to the diaries to book you in or check availability.

XC Technique Woodside Droppings Policy

Please be advised that for the benefit of everyone who uses the Somerford Park Farm arenas we are VERY hot on our droppings policy. We aim to keep the arenas in top condition so that we can offer our riders a surface of the highest quality on which to work their horses. We have to be very conscientious in the care of these arenas and therefore we are extremely strict regarding droppings.

  • Each booking MUST HAVE someone with them to poo pick – there is NO EXCEPTION to this rule.

  • The arena MUST be THOROUGHLY poo picked as each dropping is done – to prevent it being ridden through & scattered. NOT at the end of your booking

  • All remnants of droppings must be removed no matter how small – You must take small amounts of surface than leave bits of droppings.

  • If you are sharing the Arena with other bookings, you must ALL co-operate & work together to ensure the Arena is clear of droppings. It is a JOINT RESPONSIBILITY any droppings left may result in nobody having their deposit refunded.

  • The arena is checked by our experienced Groundsmen at the end of each booking. They in turn inform the office of the Arena cleanliness.

  • The office is instructed by the Groundsmen ONLY.

  • The office can only return deposits after being instructed by the Groundsman.

  • We recommend you wait by the Arena if you are unsure and the Groundsman will let you know the outcome – this gives you the opportunity to clear any droppings he may find.

  • You can come up to the office to collect your deposit or you can call us & we can put it back onto your card – For security purposes we do not retain card details so you will need your card to hand.

If you cannot abide by the above rules, please do not book.