Coronavirus Statement/Opening Policy.

With regards to the recent Coronavirus outbreak we are hoping to keep our facilities open where possible.

Due to the open-air nature of the business and lack of necessity for close proximity between people we feel that with the correct precautions such as washing hands, avoiding close contact and keeping isolated if you feel unwell we feel we should be able to keep some of our facilities ticking along.

In order to reduce physical contact with clients we will take payments for facilities over the phone and regarding our equine flu vaccination policy we ask that a photo/scan of your horses’ vaccination and description pages of its passport are sent to the office on an email  so that we  have proof of vaccination within the previous 6 months.  We will reduce our horse identification checks to random spot checks, but please note that those found to be abusing this system will be asked to leave the premises immediately without a refund.

If you do need to pop up to the office or use the toilets we have soap and hand sanitising stations in place – please use them.  For everyone’s sake and as per government guidelines if you, or others you have been in close contact with, have been feeling at all unwell please do follow their advice and self-isolate for the 14 day period/until you’ve had 7 clear days and symptoms have passed.

Considering this, the weather has finally improved, and we are looking to finally OPEN the XC schooling field for the weekend! We do however feel that we should remind you that although we do always have first aiders on site, the NHS Ambulance service is currently under extreme pressure, and should an accident occur there may be a delay to the normal service they offer.

We are also going be using the extra time on our hands to give the Farm ride a birthday, we’ve got just over 10 new fences ready to hit the track and for a change of scenery for those who can ride the winter route blind folded now given the endless rainy season, we will be looking at a route refresh prior to getting back on the grass route!

We hope this sounds like a bit of good news from the recent doom and gloom and look forwards to getting through this rough start to the year and moving on to better things as soon as possible. Don’t forget if you do want to book any facilities you must give the office a call on 01260 299888 so we can take your details, check availability and get you booked in.

Many thanks and keep well,

All of us at Somerford Park Farm