The Quality Is Growing

Our Haylage is a mildly fermented grass where the fermentation process naturally inhibits fungal growth. This results in a negligible spore count or ‘dust’ thus contributing to a ‘clean’ environment for the Horse reducing the possibility of the allergic reactions that cause respiratory problems.
Ideal feeds for breeding, race horses, event horses and pony club horses

The mild fermentation ensures that the level of digestible fibre is considerably higher levels of energy. Hay is often ‘woody’ and can only supply roughage.

Our haylage retains significant levels of vitamins and micronutrients found in fresh grass due to our unique packaging system. Poor packaging means that vitamin levels drop as the product is exposed to the air, in particular the ‘B’ group of vitamins important for feed utilisation, hoof condition and blood building.


We have not yet found the horse that does not like our haylage! We have some that will even leave hard feed and carrots for their haylage net. It can safely be fed ad-lib if required.

First cut is higher fibre due to maturity at harvesting. This results in comparatively lower energy, but higher overall feed value due to presence of seed heads. Resembles seed hay in appearance.

Second cut has higher levels of crude protein due to shorter growing period resulting in a lower fibre, higher energy sample.  Resembles meadow hay in appearance.


Square bales are delivered to you and stacked in your yard. They can be stored outside. They are neat and tidy to use as the haylage comes off the bale in a tight ‘leaf’. Nets are easy to fill and there is absolutely no waste.

Why our Feed?

  • Proven quality- suppliers to International Team Horses for over 20 years
  • Care in production and delivery
  • No acid additives
  • No soil contamination that can cause botulism
  • Special grasses developed as suitable feed for horses
  • Consistency of supply- same batch
  • Back up team of knowledgeable and experienced horse people
  • All bales fully guaranteed
  • Suitable for horses and ponies in light work or resting.

Dry Matter % 60-70
Protein % 6-12
MAD Fibre % 34-38
NDF (Fibre) % 55-63
Estimated Digestible Energy Mj/kg 8.5-10
Calcium g/kg 4.0
Phosphorous g/kg 2.0

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Preparing horses for top level dressage means I need a reliable supply of good quality forage. Over the years I have found I can trust Somerford Haylage to have consistent protein levels and to be a high fibre feed that can be fed ad-lib if required.
Best of all my horses love it!

Richard Davison

Olympic Dressage Rider

Somerford Park Farm Ltd Holmes Chapel Rd, Congleton, Cheshire, CW12 4SW