Top sporting action got underway on bank holiday weekend at Somerford Park’s Premier League Dressage, welcoming an array of Britain’s dressage elite.

Friday’s billing incorporated three young horse classes sponsored by Shearwater with wins for Becky Moody, Jennifer Martell and Mount St John rider Jayden Brown.

While Michael Eilberg secured a second win for Mount St John in the Medium 73 with Valencia. Lisa Marriott and Valucio were the final winners on Friday claiming victory in the Advanced Medium sponsored by Equine Construction – Andrews Bowen.

Saturday basked in sunshine as the bank holiday continued – Somerford hosted a number of young horse classes, wins going to Ben Martin, Melissa Chapman, Michael Eilberg and Emma Woolley.

The long trip from Gloucestershire paid dividends for Levi Hunt – claiming the Inter I with his top horse Abbey Tiron, owned Glenys Hemming.

“It’s a great show to come to,” said a thrilled Levi, “I came here wanting to boost our confidence and our scores and he just pulled me around, in a good way! He was confident and focused and I think that has a lot to do with the surfaces here.”

A double win for Charlotte Dujardin with Mount St John VIP in the Advanced Medium, which took place on Somerfords new arena which has proved popular with young horses.

“I was really happy, it was a test I decided to do just a couple of days ago and I was really pleased, there were some green moments but really happy with her,” said Charlotte.

“Florentina did a Prix St Georges – I was happy with it, it was nearly mistake free but this is only her fourth PSG, again I need to do some more test riding with her – and she is only 8” commented Charlotte.

Talking about Somerford and the work that has been carried out over the winter, Charlotte went onto say “I can’t believe the improvements they have made to Somerford – extra arenas, brand new stabling – its getting better and better and I hope one day we can get an international here!”



Emile Faurie and Sa coeur took top honours in the last class on Saturday afternoon, producing an exceptional test in the Inter II sponsored by Cavalor.




Results Friday 25th May

Class 1 Novice BDYH4 – Sponsor: Shearwater
1 Becky Moody James Bond 8.66
2 Matt Frost G-Star 8.28
3 Melissa chapman TCE Jubilant al Sno 7.98

Class 2 Elementary BDYH5 – Sponsor: Shearwater
1 Jayden Brown MSJ Soul Sister 8.38
2 Rebecca Cowderoy Fosshey Fortunatus 8.32
3 Imogen Ashwood Modena 8.22

Class 3 Medium BDYH6 – Sponsor: Shearwater
1 Jennifer Martell MSJ Zonetta 8.16
2 Melissa chapman TCE Happy Boy 7.88
3 Darryl Thickitt Faszination I 7.68

Class 4 Premier League Premier League Medium 73 – S
1 Michael Eilberg Mount St John Valencia 77.94 %
2 Tom Goode Langley 76.18 %
3 Ruth Edge PSH Twilight 72.06 %

Class 5 Premier League Premier League Advanced Medium 98 – S – Sponsor: Equine Construction Andrews Bowen
1 Lisa Marriott Valucio 69.43
2 Michael Eilberg Mount St John Valencia 69.34
3 Levi Hunt Frappuccino 69.12

Results Saturday 26th May

Class 6 BD National Test for 5 YOs – Sponsor: Shearwater
1 Ben Martin Ivaya 78.80 %
2 Imogen Ashwood Modena 78.00 %
3 Antonia Brown Impulz De B 76.80 %

Class 7 BD National Test for 6 YOs – Sponsor: Shearwater
1 Melissa Chapman TCE Happy Boy 70.40 %
2 Artur Nicpon Homerus dc 69.80 %
3 Melissa Chapman DHI Hinke 67.00 %

Class 8 Premier League Premier League FEI Prix St Georges – S – Sponsor: Fairfax Saddles
1 Charlotte Dujardin Florentina VI 75.18
2 Emile Faurie Cafe’s caletta 73.46
3 Levi Hunt Abbey Tiron 69.65

Class 9 Advanced Medium
1 Charlotte Dujardin Mount St John VIP 75.443%
2 Rebecca Hughes Tantoni Dallaglio 72.945%
3 Tom Goode saint julian 69.48%

Class 10 Premier League Premier League FEI Intermediate I FEI INT1 – Sponsor: Saracen Horse Feeds
1 Levi Hunt Abbey Tiron 72.37
2 Jessica Dunn LG Alicante Valley 70.09
3 Lisa Marriott Valucio 69.96

Class 12 British Young Horse BYHP5 – Sponsor: Shearwater Equitop Myoplast
1 Michael Eilberg MSJ Dante VX 80.00 %
2 Antonia Brown Impulz De B 76.40 %
3 Tyler Bradshaw Igor VIII 75.00 %

Class 13 British Young Horse BYHP6 – Sponsor: Shearwater Equitop Myoplast
1 Emma Woolley Hancock V 80.00 %
2 Stuart Mason Hollywood VI 74.00 %
3 Sara Gallop BKS Fantasia 68.80 %