Somerford Park Statement on Equine Flu                    

 Given the recent news regarding Equine Flu, Somerford Park are asking at the present time that ALL visiting horses or horses on livery HAVE VACCINATIONS WITHIN THE LAST 6 MONTHS

We have taken advice from our on-site Vets as we have a large number of horses stabled at Somerford and have a duty of care to them.

If you cannot attend due to the above we will issue a refund.

This is subject to review based on epidemiological evidence from the Animal Health Trust.

7 Day Rule:

(Different rules will apply for the BE events and local rules may apply for particular shows and festivals later in the year)

You can attend if your “booster” was within 7 days.

You cannot attend if you have started a new course of vaccinations within 7 days.

New Course of Vaccinations: 

A new course consists of 3 vaccinations.

You can attend after the 2nd vaccination has been administered (this is approx. 4-6 weeks after the first jab)

Thank you.